Codejock Sample Update (DockingPane example)

DockingPane provides Windows developers with a sophisticated Visual Studio.NET™ style docking pane.  Windows developers can easily create tear off tabs and auto hide windows that allow for a more manageable application workspace.  The docking panes comes with built in theme support that will allow you to choose from predefined themes such as Visio and Visual Studio .NET, or create your own custom theme.

Xtreme DockingPane supports many standard features you would expect from an enterprise class component.

  • Nested Grouping
  • Visual Studio 2005 “Whidbey” Style Docking
  • Visual Studio 2005 “Beta 2” Style Docking
  • Tear Off Tabs
  • Splitter Tracker
  • WYSIWYG DotNET and Visio Style Docking
  • Sliding Auto Hide Windows
  • Auto Hide Speed
  • Pinnable Panes
  • Float and Dock Panes
  • Auto-Hide and Pinnable Floating Panes
  • Hidden Client
  • Drag-n-Drop Pane Positioning
  • Active Pane
  • Hide and Show Panes
  • Caption Menu Button
  • Visual Studio Style Cascading Panes
  • Caption Direction



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